What is the difference between the string Types?

  • The Traditional thread option Is made with thread, and you will use the two threaded ends to tie and secure your wait beads. Making this option more permanent, the only way to take them off would be to cut them off. This option can use them to track your weight and body changes.
  • The Non-Stretch/Clasp option can be used to track weight and body changes as well. But it gives you the option of taking the waist beads on and off as you please.
  • The Elastic/Clasp option will move more with your body as it changes. I would recommend this option if you would like to wear your waist beads for style and fashion. 

How should I measure my waist?

For the ideal placement of your waist beads, I recommend measuring approximately an inch above your navel if you prefer them to sit on your waistline. However, if you prefer a lower placement, simply measure the specific area where you would like the waist beads to be positioned.

When measuring, it's important to keep your stomach relaxed and avoid sucking in. This ensures an accurate measurement that reflects your natural waistline. By maintaining a relaxed posture, you'll achieve the most comfortable and flattering fit for your waist beads.

What if I would like my waist beads to be layered?

You should measure the where you would like each of them to sit on your waist and place the order based on those measurements.


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